Welcome to AE Tooling

AE Tooling is a renowned provider of press brake tooling that plays a crucial role in the fabrication of sheet materials worldwide. Our press brake tooling consists of a range of components, with different molds necessary for creating specific parts. Ultimately, our tooling enables the production of precisely shaped steel items. As industry leaders, we specialize in manufacturing Wila Trumpf Style Tooling, Amada Style Press Brake Tooling, and Shearing Blades.

Our commitment lies in delivering exceptional press brake tooling that not only meets high standards but also remains cost-effective. At AE Tooling, we prioritize customer satisfaction throughout the purchase and ownership journey. We have designed our experience to ensure your convenience, offering a seamless purchasing process and dedicated support.

We invite you to discuss your press brake tooling requirements with us. Feel free to reach out and explore how our expertise and solutions can cater to your specific needs.