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AE Tooling Dominica is a well established company that understands the challenges of most businesses and recognize the importance of financing to companies interested in financing for press brake tooling purchases.

We have a Finance Department that is able to offer various financing options to qualifying businesses. Our team of dedicated finance experts will work with you for all your press brake financing needs. We are able to offer Net30 and Net 60 financing. This means that our customer has 30 days to pay or 60 days to pay  for their goods ordered.

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FAQ on Press Brake Tooling Financing

These are some of our most frequently asked questions on financing for Press Brake Tooling services.

AE Tooling has various financing options and in most cases companies that are startups as well as established businesses can be catered to.

We work very fast on financing but most of the time delays arise due to insufficient information from our client. As long as information is properly provided, we typically finish processing within two business days.

The credit limit for press brake tooling is typically up to 500,000 USD

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