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The press brake tooling from AE Tooling, is used by bending machines around the world to fabricate sheet materials. Press brake tooling is made up of various parts, and different molds are needed for making various specific parts. In summary, press brake tooling is used to create specific shaped steel items. We are a leading producer of Wila Trumpfff Style Tooling, Amada Style Press Brake Tooling and Shearing Blades.
We believe in delivering exceptional Press Brake Tooling at a cost effective price. The AE Tooling purchase and ownership experience is designed to place. Discover our convenient purchasing process and our dedicated support.
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We know the brake press tooling business and have served various needs.

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We know one cap does not fit all and so our agile nature reflects that.


We provide custom tooling as per your specification as well as generic ones.


Our training sessions ensure that you have the needed knowledge to best use our products.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    These are some of the frequently asked questions from leads and clients.

    AE Tooling has been in operation in China for over thirty years and opened its office in Ecuador recently to cater to the needs of its growing North & South American market.

    We do offer very high quality Wila Trumpfff Press Brake Tooling.

    Yes! We do offer Amada Style Press Brake Tooling.

    Yes! we are able to provide custom services. Contact us to discuss some more.

    Yes! We have a reseller program and can even package the products in your name. Contact us to discuss this some more.

    We typically require a lead time of one month. Contact us to provide a specific answer based on your need and location.