Shearing Blades

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Shearing Blades

AE Tooling is a proud manufacturer of Shearing Blades needed in segmented, full length and half-length sizes to meet the requirements of nearly any metal bending applications. Shearing Blades are often also called Guillotine Blades.

Shearing Blades

Shearing blades are widely used in various industries for cutting materials such as metal, fabric, paper, and more. They are essential tools in processes like shearing, trimming, and cutting, offering precise and efficient results. With Shearing blades from AE Tooling,, you can achieve tight tolerances and consistent bends, even for the most complex situations.

At AE Tooling, we specialize in providing high-quality American Tag press brake tooling solutions for the metalworking industry. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the field of tooling.

Why Choose American Tang Press Brake Tooling from AE Tooling?

  • Superior Quality: We understand the importance of precision and durability in press brake tooling. That’s why all our products are manufactured using the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology. Our rigorous quality control ensures that you receive tools that meet or exceed your expectations.

  • Wide Range of Products: We offer a comprehensive range of press brake tooling options to cater to diverse customer needs. Whether you require standard punches and dies or custom-made tooling solutions, we have you covered. Our product line includes punches, dies, adapters, clamps, and accessories, all designed to enhance your productivity and accuracy.
Uruguay Shearing Blades

AE Tooling has decades of years experience in the production of rectilinear blades for sheet metal cutting. Guillotine blades are manufactured from High carbon high chrome tool steel, which can be made to suit any make of machine up to 6000mm in one length.

These guillotine blades are for machines such as:

ACL, Accurpress, Alpmac, Amada, Atlantic, Adira, Ajail,  Baykal, Bernardo, Boschert, Boutillon, Bystronic Beyeler,  Coastone, Colgar, Colly, Cincinnati, Dener, Deratech, Durmazlar, Edwards Pearson, EHT, Echo ENG, Ermaksan, Euromac, Farina, Gade, Gasparini, Gizelis, Haco, Hindustan, Inanlar, JFY, JMT, Jordi, Jean Perrot, Kingsland, LFK, LVD, Metfab, Metalmaster, Master, MVD, Nargesa, Oriance, Pacific, Piranha, Prima Power, Promecam, Rico, SafanDarley, Swebend, Salvagnini, Schiavi, SMD, Sorg, Somo, Ursviken, UZMA, Vicla, Vimercati, Warcom, Yangli, Yawei, YSD.

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